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  1. 23/05/29


    I wanted to reach out because I’ve been working with a bunch of clients who have websites comparable to yours, and your work at has definitely stood out. Seeing the impressive content you’re putting out, I thought you might be interested in a resource that our clients have found extremely valuable.

    Here’s the scoop: On May 30th at 11 AM EST, there’s a free training webinar all about incorporating A.I. employees into business operations using the AI Employees. This is not your average webinar – it’s loaded with revolutionary insights and usable applications of A.I. in a business context.

    The potential benefits for could be massive:
    • Discover how A.I. can produce top-notch courses, marketing plans, and products to boost your output.
    • Learn to navigate legal complexities and reduce expenses with AI employees, minimizing risk and conserving resources.
    • Uncover the secret to boosting profits by using AI employees to optimize your marketing strategies.
    • Get insights into extending your reach and conquering your niche with AI-powered content creation and social media management.
    • See how offloading repetitive tasks to AI employees can simplify your workflow, freeing up time for business growth.
    • Tap into a global talent pool of AI, making sure the right expertise and skills are always available.
    • Additionally, by attending and actively participating, you could earn 5 free copies of the AI Employees App and $150 in credits for their exclusive AI Marketplace.

    To reserve your place, just grab your ticket on

    Given the buzz around this webinar, I’d recommend securing your spot as soon as possible rather than later.

    We’re excited at the possibility of being represented at the training. It’s an amazing opportunity to understand how A.I. could supercharge your operations!

    Porter Caviness

    P.S. I’m sharing this with you in the spirit of providing useful resources. If leveraging AI to improve your business is not your cup of tea right now, feel free to ignore this message. It’s important to me that the information I share matches with your ongoing interests and goals. I simply believe that this event could be a beneficial opportunity for you given my experience with similar clients. If you have any questions or need more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  2. 23/06/30

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